A Framework for Self-Sovereignty

My mission is to help you do Bitcoin better. Bitcoin began as an electronic, peer-to-peer cashless payment system, but has evolved into something much more powerful. It's now a platform for complete financial self-sovereignty, allowing an individual to take total control of their money and transact freely without need of third-parties.


If they're not your keys, it's not your Bitcoin. The first step is to take full responsibility and hold you own private keys. I can show you how.


The private keys control the Bitcoin, so make sure your keys are held in a safe and secure manner. I'll teach you the best ways to do it.


The Bitcoin blockchain is an open ledger. Anyone can see any transaction, anywhere, anytime. I can help you keep your transactions away from prying eyes.


The final step is to take total control of your financial matters, trusting no one and validating everything yourself. I'll help get you started.

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Level Up Your Bitcoin Game

Do you want to take your Bitcoin game to the next level? There are many different solutions we can implement to help you get there.

Level I: Get Started

Open an Exchange Account
Transfer Fiat Currency
Exchange for Bitcoin
Send a Transaction

Level 2: Take Responsibility

Setup Your Own Wallet
Create a Private Key
Receive a Bitcoin Transaction
Send a Bitcoin Payment

Level 3: Be Secure

Setup a Hardware Wallet
Safely Store Your Seed Phrase
Recover from Backup
Configure Multi-Signature

Level 4: Stay Private

Install Bitcoin Core
Validate Your Own Transactions
Leverage CoinJoin & Whirlpool
Use Tor for Anonymity

Level 5: Be Sovereign

Setup Your Own Server
Take Control Over Your Data
Run Your Own Bitcoin Services
Contribute to the Network

Level 6: Expand

Discuss Advanced Startegies
Deploy Bitcoin Apps
Integrate Bitcoin into Business
Plan for Succession

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